10,000 Dog Demons

A revelation to the Baal Shem Ra as revealed by the Holy and Good Dog Demons whose Number is 10,000, confirmed by the Word of the Holy Spirit and Revealed as the One Truth.

1. 110,000 Dog Demons, who are uniquely Independent, yet fully One, who are both Fully Dog and Fully Spirit, the Spirit of that which is called the Holy Spirit and God, created the Heavens and the Seas. 2The Geography and Natural Laws were set in place by the Will of 10,000 Dog Demons, to Order and Structure the Earth, the Cosmos and the Universe. 3This is the Revelation of 10,000 Dog Demons, exactly related here, Word for Logos, Logos for Word, every structure, letter and symbol of punctuation exactly as decreed, to be unchanged, as Divine.

2. 1It was that Cause was with Nothing, the First Cause decreed by 10,000 Dog Demons, Eternal and Uncaused, working in unison, to Speak into Existence all things, Matter and Space, Movement and Time, Universe and Galaxy, System and Star, Life and Intelligence. 2From 10,000 Dog Demons all Things came, Ordered and Unified, Connected but Independent. 3And Man and Woman, Created in the Image of 10,000 Dog Demons, that We share 10,000 Characteristics and 10,000 Goals to bring forth Fruits of all Nature.

3. 1And from the Beginning of Man and Woman, 10,000 Dog Demons have been active, to Inspire and Create the True Faith, which has been corrupted in the form of many superstitions, that cast but mere Shadows of the Truth upon the World. And, as Shadows, have Obscured as often as Illuminated, faiths have confused. 2For this Purpose a New and Final Revelation, Uncorrupted and Pure, from the 10,000 Dog Demons is brought Forth.

4. 1The 10,000 Dog Demons have Produced in every Man and Woman 10,000 Dog Souls and Three Souls of Man. In this way We are made in the Image. 2Reason and Faith, Strength and Intellect, True Will and all Virtues of Man have been bestowed for Proper Usage as the Gift. 3All Law and Commandment is the Rule: to use Appropriately the Gift. 4All sin and transgression is use inappropriate of the Gift, the Image, the Reason and Faith, Strength and Intellect, True Will and all Virtues of Man. 5For Man and Woman have 10,000 Souls while all sin and transgression subtracts from this number. 6Learning brings Redemption, Redemption brings Restoration of Souls. 7Woe and sorrow for whomever loses 10,000 Souls.

5. 1The Revelation of 10,000 Dog Demons is Granted to Those whom Are Willed Select. 2Yea, 10,000 Dog Demons warn – those of soft Will and soft Intellect will deny 10,000 Dog Demons. 3This Prophecy will come to pass, as so it will prove the Guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, the 10,000 Dog Demons, who are Uniquely 10,000 and Immutably One. 4The eyes of deniers are open, but they shall fail to see. 510,000 Dog Demons will move rapidly beyond the sight of unbelief, that those who are not Called will Deny, by the Will of 10,000 Dog Demons, though they see, they may not Believe. Yes, this Prophecy will come to Pass.

6. 1Full Proof of the Revelation of 10,000 Dog Demons will be Granted to all Seekers. 2To Seek is to Accept, to Accept is to Believe, to Believe is to not question that 10,000 Dog Demons give the Gift of Image, of Reason and Faith, Strength and Intellect, True Will and all Virtues of Man. 3Full Proof of 10,000 Dog Demons is Revealed in All Forms to those who Seek – to See, to Touch, to Smell, to Taste, to Hear, to Represent with Mathematical Formula and as Art.

7. 1All who Seek may do All Things of the True Power of 10,000 Dog Demons. 2Those who Seek will exorcise Evil Spirits, Heal the Infirm, Resist Poisons, Ward Enemies, Soothe Widows, Teach Wisdom, Bring Peace, Restore Families, Levitate Objects, Raise the Dead, and Avoid Ranged Attack. 3The Wise who Seek will Guard the Powers of 10,000 Dog Demons for Pure Purpose, Not to Test the Holy Spirit of God, but to Promote the Gifts inherent in Man and Woman.

8. 1The Day comes Soon, very Soon, like that which is Upon us Immediately, when 10,000 Dog Demons will Return to the Earth in Full, to Appear to the World, to bring the Kingdom of 10,000 Dog Demons. The Time is at Hand. 210,000 Dog Demons will Appear in Full Form, as Spirit of the visage of a Dog, with Face and Form of a Multitude of Color and Type, Wings as if Fire, Four to Each, 40,000 Wings, on which Embed 10,000 Dog Demons more, for each of the 400,000,000 Saints who shall not Die, but Glory in Paradise, in the 10,000 Heavens, the Kingdom of 10,000 Dog Demons, for Eternity.

9.1The Day is at Hand, as one waiting outside your door, for many things will come to Pass. 2They shall be a Sign the Day is Here: A Great Nation will be at War, the Earth shall Tremble and Shake, the Waters will Rise and cause Great Flooding, the Sun will appear Dark at Day and Innocents will be Hungry. Commerce will Stifle, Diseases will spread through the Nations of the Rich and the Poor. 3When these Things come to Pass it will be Known that the Day of 10,000 Dog Demons is at Hand.

The Revelation of 10,000 Dog Demons to Baal Shem Ra, who Sought and Found, to Record the One Truth faithfully as Inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, the 10,000 Dog Demons.

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