Did God Cry When The Bombs Fell? Will God Shed A Tear For America?

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The US is at a moral crossroads born of its collective conscious, influenced by mass media technologies that continue to highlight past moral transgressions.


What are American’s current opinions of the bombing of Japan during WWII?

What are their current opinions of the Iraqi invasion of 2003?

Can American citizens look on past actions by its government in an objective way?


I suggest a scenario to test American citizen’s objectivity of morally questionable actions carried out by their government. 

Imagine that after the US government invaded Iraq their government was able to launch a chemical strike on two major cities in the US killing 200,000 civilians.

Would Americans feel that the Iraqi government was justified in striking American civilian targets in response to the invasion of Iraq?


Can a moral comparison be made between the scenario above and the use of nuclear weapons by the…

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