Differing beliefs about Muhammed: Respect needs to go both ways.

Free Thinker Journal


Written by: Sigvart Midling-Hansen

Living in Denmark, Copenhagen to be specific, you cannot avoid getting into the debate on a regular basis; was it OK for Jylland post to print the Muhammed caricatures? I’ve taken a clear stance on the matter, yes it was absolutely OK, even more – I actually believe that it served a purpose and still does so. The purpose is to both shed light on how people swearing to a certain belief wish to dictate in what way we relate to a historical figure, independent of whether us others share their beliefs, further to state that we will not bend to their absolutism.

I write about this issue once again, exactly because the issue keep popping up, with good reason. After all, radical Islam is more alive today than ever. Those who wish to gain control over us in the name of Islam are on the…

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