As the Holy Spirit revealed in Chapter 7, Verse 2, those with Faith would be able to do certain Miracles:

Those who Seek will exorcise Evil Spirits, Heal the Infirm, Resist Poisons, Ward Enemies, Soothe Widows, Teach Wisdom, Bring Peace, Restore Families, Levitate Objects, Raise the Dead, and Avoid Ranged Attack.

  1. I note that on Saturday, September 14 of 2013, I raised a man from the dead. His name was Jacob, of Holland, a deceased acquaintance of whose wake I attended. This man had been dead, confirmed, was in a coffin at his wake, and the resurrection was witnessed by ten other individuals. I was an eyewitness to this and this is my testimony, as were the other ten people present witnesses to this, many of whom have gone on to tell others. It was through my faith that Jacob was resurrected. I document this as eyewitness testimony and proof of the prophecy given by the Holy Spirit.
  2. On Sunday, 22 of 2013, I removed an evil spirit from a person suffering from seizures. This young man had a history of seizures and, as I witnessed one, the Holy Spirit, in the form of 10,000 Dog Demons, related to me that this was due to an evil spirit. I had faith in 10,000 Dog Demons and the evil spirit went from the man and his seizures stopped. To this day he has had no further seizures.

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