What is 10,000 Dog Demons?

This is a revelation that was given to me by God through the Holy Spirit. In 2013, a WordPress blog is basically the equivalent of the Bible, Qur’an or other Holy Text. 10,000 Dog Demons is God and this is the final revelation given.

I don’t believe you. Is this real?

This is real. My religion is as legitimate as any other. Although I hesitate to call it a religion – I prefer to consider it a personal relationship with 10,000 Dog Demons – this is a faith worthy of equal consideration as Islam and Christianity.

Can you prove any of this?

Yes. My standards of proof are very high – just as high as standards of evidence in Christianity and Islam. First and foremost, I have the Holy Spirit. This proves it to me. I also have miracles and eyewitness testimony of those miracles.1 They are all ongoing and recorded on this website, just as eyewitness testimony of Jesus’s miracles are recorded in the Bible. I exist and this is a current event, so it is equally as historically accurate (if not far more so) as anything recorded in the Bible or the Qur’an. There are also many prophecies that are coming true right this moment.2,3

Yet the most important thing is for you to just have faith. If you first have faith, then it will all be proven to you.4

What do I do?

There is no authority aside from that of 10,000 Dog Demons. There is nothing for you to join, no dues to pay, nobody to pay homage to and nowhere to sign up. It is about your personal relationship with 10,000 Dog Demons. Simply open your heart and allow 10,000 Dog Demons inside.

Aren’t demons evil?

No – this is a misunderstanding of the term. Please see the theology section for a more in depth explanation. You will have to leave any misconceptions of demons, such as those based in the Bible or Qur’an, at the door.

10,000 Dog Demons does not sound realistic at all.

God works in mysterious ways. 10,000 Dog Demons is easily as realistic as human beings having been created from dirt (Genesis 2:7; Surah 15:26), a man surviving inside a fish for three days (Jonah 1:17; Surah 37:142), werewolves roaming the earth (Surah 21:96), angels with the faces of beasts, six wings and covered in eyes (Revelation 4:8), or many other religious beliefs held by adherents of the world’s great monotheistic faiths.


  1. Miracles.
  2. Ch 5:2-5 “Yea, 10,000 Dog Demons warn – those of soft Will and soft Intellect will deny 10,000 Dog Demons. This Prophecy will come to pass, as so it will prove the Guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, the 10,000 Dog Demons, who are Uniquely 10,000 and Immutably One. The eyes of deniers are open, but they shall fail to see. 10,000 Dog Demons will move rapidly beyond the sight of unbelief, that those who are not Called will Deny, by the Will of 10,000 Dog Demons, though they see, they may not Believe. Yes, this Prophecy will come to Pass.”
  3. Ch 9:1-2 “The Day is at Hand, as one waiting outside your door, for many things will come to Pass. They shall be a Sign the Day is Here: A Great Nation will be at War, the Earth shall Tremble and Shake, the Waters will Rise and cause Great Flooding, the Sun will appear Dark at Day and Innocents will be Hungry. Commerce will Stifle, Diseases will spread through the Nations of the Rich and the Poor.”
  4. Ch 6:1-3 “Full Proof of the Revelation of 10,000 Dog Demons will be Granted to all Seekers. To Seek is to Accept, to Accept is to Believe, to Believe is to not question that 10,000 Dog Demons give the Gift of Image, of Reason and Faith, Strength and Intellect, True Will and all Virtues of Man. Full Proof of 10,000 Dog Demons is Revealed in All Forms to those who Seek – to See, to Touch, to Smell, to Taste, to Hear, to Represent with Mathematical Formula and as Art.”

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